About Autegra

What we were?

Autegra d.o.o. came to life on January 1st 2015 with centre in Garesnica and one worker who had his own vision of work ethic, relation with future employees and clients and who wanted to create young and ambitious team who will not be afraid of challenges will appear on the path. That vision included modern work regime (flexible hours, home office, team buildings, relaxed meetings…), creating company with strong know-how in area of process automation and work in automation industry in general.

Beginning of journey was established with partnership with pharmaceutical company, which still exists today, but with time partnerships started to grow, together with number of clients and projects which caused need for company employment growth, which is still actual.

What we are?

Autegra d.o.o. At the moment, has 7 employees, with tendency for growing and increasing that number. We are cooperating with Faculty of electrical engineering and computing (FER) where we, in coordination with master thesis mentors, are giving practical tasks from real life projects with the goal of prolonging cooperation with students in the form of working relationship.

We are now working in Croatia and Europe, with possibility of spreading on the rest of the world. Area of work is still the same, with focus on pharmacy and biochemical industry, but with aspiration for spreading on other branches of process industry, as on factory automation or, more specifically, machine automation. In the moments out of working hours, out of cooperation with other companies and out of looking for ways for spreading, we organize various team buildings, dinners or we just hang out. Team buildings, for now, were composed of active part (room escape, karting…) and passive part (usually dinner).

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What we want to become?

Autegra d.o.o. is operating with the goal of becoming leading company in the area of process automation on pharmacy and biochemistry area. We are trying to grow in employee number and number of projects we are working on.

Short term goal is opening branch office in Zagreb and empowering independent work on hardware part of our projects.

Long term goals are growth in general and enough employees with knowledge and experience for independent problem solving, furnishing office in accordance with modern way of work and, as always, trying to make employees happy with their job in terms of finances, social life and psychological satisfaction.

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Autegra GmbH ist ein Anbieter von Ingenieurdienstleistungen für Industrie – und Technologieunternehmen

Wir sind ein Team engagierter Ingenieure, die bereit sind, zu helfen und sich den Herausforderungen beim Entwerfen, Entwickeln, Programmieren, Inbetriebnehmen und Testen von technischen Lösungen zu stellen.