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Quality software is critical for ensuring a high level of functionality and efficiency at all stages, from plant to corporate governance.

Autegra offers industry solutions such as process automation, supervisory control, automated data collection, reporting, alarm notifications, industry connectivity based on Industry 4.0 as needed and more.

We have a proven track record of understanding your technical requirements for simple automation systems and can easily adapt to complex, distributed systems across the company, providing you with the results you want when investing in the latest automation technology.

Value Added Reseller – Channel Partner

PLC / HMI / SCADA / DCS Automation Solutions

Development of automation software solutions from basic programmable logic controller (PLC) and visualization for user operation (HMI) to the entire supervisory control and dana acquisition (SCADA) and complex distributed control systems (DCS).

MES systems and data processing

Assisting manufacturing and industry clients in automated enterprise-wide data collection, by simplifying data visualization and reporting and providing powerful analytics tools to optimize your most important processes.

PLC / HMI software solutions for your industrial device

Development of special software solutions for display and control via visualization of your complete machine or part that works with a specific communication protocol or connection (MODBUS, PROFIBUS PA, HART, RS232, RS485 ...).

Industrial robotics

Realization of the process of robotization of the industrial system. The possibility of connecting to the existing HMI/SCADA system. Meeting various requirements (Pick&Place, transport, welding...)

3D modelling

Possibility of making 3D models according to drawings or sketches. Creation of conceptual solutions. Creating a 3D model by reverse engineering from an already existing element or object. Modeling for various branches of industry (sheet metal bending, welding, moving assemblies, structures).


The beginning of each industrial project involves a large amount of initial knowledge and “engineering power“ to define the frameworks of the engineering solution and to produce all the necessary specifications for the further implementation of the project.

Autegra offers competencies to start and complete a whole project or to support an existing team. From basic system engineering drawings and detailed equipment and logic specifications to control cabinet design, commissioning and testing – you can leave every step of the complete phase to us.

Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering determines the technical realization, the concept of HV / LV cabinets and specifies complete electrical, instrumentation, control and regulating equipment that includes CAE / CAD design and planning, development of control logic, selection of the correct instrumentation and design of the project plan according to the infrastructure of the building where the equipment is installed.

Production of control and distribution cabinets

Design of control and distribution cabinets based on the CAD / CAE system documentation in accordance with the relevant standards. Testing with documentation and commissioning at the customer's location.


The success of project planning depends on many factors. Our experts will work with you from the very beginning to identify which system, what part or complete solution with which components best suits your needs – also from an economic standpoint.

The project management process covers all stages of development and ensures transparent and secure procedures at any moment.

Our experts can offer quality ideas and solutions from the beginning of project development to field services, as well as teaching all staff to work on new management systems.

Project management

Choose a simpler option and let our experts advise you from the start.

Field support and engineering

Engineering assistance at your or other defined location for an agreed period of time.

Network and virtual systems

Building solid and reliable foundations of information technology that will support your business, whether merging Information Technology with Operatational Technology or creating a complete virtual system for your stations.


Mitigate cybersecurity risks across the product development life cycle with our portfolio of scalable services.


Basic and advanced PLC / HMI / SCADA / DCS courses for working in Siemens TIA Portal, Step7 and PCS7 systems.

Siemens PCS7 training

Basic and advanced traning programs for Siemens PCS7.

Siemens TIA Portal traning

Basic and advanced traning programs for Siemens TIA Portal.

Video school

Check out our video school in Croatian for independent learning!


Preparation and creation of technical documentation and projects of electrical installations in power infrastructure and building construction.

Designing smart houses with the possibility of automated control of heating, ventilation, lighting and the like.


Choose a simpler option and let our experts advise you from the start.

Smart homes

Using the most modern KNX and PLC equipment, we enable the development of conceptual solutions for the construction of smart homes, as well as the installation of equipment and customization of possibilities to your requirements and needs.

Energy efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency by monitoring electricity consumption, consumption management and increasing the overall efficiency of equipment – OEE.

Energy monitoring

Equipment installation and development of software solutions for monitoring electricity consumption.

Energy management

System optimization and development of electricity consumption plan according to collected data and detailed analysis.

Overall equipment efficiency - OEE

Achieving maximum efficiency of the system or machine by modernization. Efficiency analysis according to the availability, performance and quality of machine or system operation.



Autegra Ltd is a provider of engineering services for industry and technology companies.

We are a team of dedicated engineers who are ready to help and face the challenges of designing, developing, programming, commissioning and testing of industry solutions.