Autegra is an engineering company engaged in designing and consulting in the industry. We are distinguished by our high academic standards and innovative approach to carrying out projects. We help you when you have problems that require assistance, we are always honest and ready to adapt to your needs. We believe that this is essential in every employment relationship.

Our employees are our most important resource. The team consists of engineers with practical and theoretical knowledge and experience. We are focused on constantly improving our knowledge and skills to keep up with the needs of our clients.

Feedback and mutual communication about the problems ensures the top execution of projects. Ultimately, our years of experience and commitment always guarantee a serious collaboration in which budgets, deadlines and confidentiality are respected from day one.


Every project, from each of our customers is equally important to us and the concentration and attention paid to each of them is the maximum we can provide.


Good communication is the key to any relationship. We listen more, we talk less, but we do not hesitate to openly state our position for the purpose of a more successful project.


We are aware that we do not know everything, but with constant learning and every expert or constructive advice we receive, we strive to improve ourselves in order to do our job and our responsibility to it as best we can.


Autegra d.o.o. has been certified according to the ISO 45001 standard since July 2022. The ISO 45001 standard ensures a safe working environment, increases the satisfaction and efficiency of all employees, identification and control of health and safety risks, reduction of the potential risk of accidents, reduction of the number of sick days, full compliance with the legal regulations and overall improvement of business operations and image of the company.


Autegra d.o.o. has been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard since August 2021. This certificate confirms the commitment of Autegra d.o.o. to the quality and customer satisfaction.


ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of quality management systems, and is intended for use in all organizations of all industries. 

Value Added Partner Certificate

Value Added Reseller – Channel Partner


Due to its excellent business results, Autegra d.o.o met all strict financial-analytical criteria according to the methodology unique for the whole Europe and was awarded the ‘AAA’ Certificate of Creditworthiness.

According to the rating of Bisnode credit rating company Autegra d.o.o. is listed in 2.4%of the best companies in the Republic of Croatia in 2019, which confirms this internationally recognized Certificate of Creditworthiness, which is also a reference that we are a safe, respectable and desirable partner.

Certificate of Creditworthiness is one of the most important European standards defining business quality and is, in other words, an internationally recognized designation of economic quality and excellence of a business entity.

We want to create success for our clients through a shared passion for technology and corporate culture, which is built by the constant development and refinement of our skills.

Our vision is to be an engineering company that creates and maintains the highest value of our clients and employees.

Customer satisfaction 97%
Efficacy 98%
Accepted projects 92%

Our team of experts is at your disposal.

Contact us for any form of query or suggestion, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Questions and answers

Although we are mostly involved in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, we also have experience in the food and energy sectors. But we will be happy to develop a solution for other industries as well.

Just contact us at info@autegra.hrwith the keywords “PLC course” or call us with your wishes and we will contact you back with our options.

Maybe, Autegra can supply all the hardware / software needed for your management system. We work closely with manufacturers to provide the end user with the necessary parts at a cost effective price.

Courses can be held at our premises in Garešnica or can by arrangement at your location (in case of companies whose employees need training).

Take a look at our job advertisement, you have all the information inside. If there are no advertisements, no problem, please send us an open application and resume to the posao@autegra.hr mail and we will review it and contact you back. A quality and responsible worker is always welcome.

Yes, in agreement with the customer, we can offer temporary or permanent 24/7 remote support.

Contact us and arrange a free appointment with our experts

Autegra Ltd is a provider of engineering services to industry and technology companies.

We are a team of dedicated engineers who are ready to help and face challenges in designing, building, programming, commissioning and testing engineering solutions.