With the rise of regulatory environments, a focus on work safety, and with often limited budgets, companies are looking for technology partners who understand their business needs and who can deliver requirements as quickly as possible. Autegra’s engineers are focused exclusively on the application and innovation in the industry and the exchange of ideas in order to meet your requirements with trends and standards.

Project managment

When a customer needs to invest in a new machine, do a cost calculation or process optimization, there are many issues that need to be addressed before the project can begin. An investment estimate should be made based on the available budget in relation to the economic and overall benefits. Furthermore, it is important to create an overall timeframe for the project and to list other values and risks that could impede the execution of the project.

This obviously requires a great deal of time, knowledge and experience from the key person in charge. But this is why you should choose an outsourced project manager from Autegra, who takes over the management of the project so that you can focus on all the other important tasks in your job. Our project manager ensures that the project plan, along with the entire project team, maintains its goals and priorities – including brainstorming, designing, manufacturing and assembly.

It is fundamental to focus on these key points and priorities for a quality project outcome and success. The plan is closely monitored so that all resources are used in the best possible way and quality is a priority. Regular meetings and constant reporting throughout the project ensures that all standards are met.

We will always examine what can be done about the finances and deadlines of a particular project. Good communication is extremely important and is often the solution to the challenges that may arise. We have many years of experience that is known for creating value for our clients – you are free to leave your project to us.

Field Engineering

Autegra offers engineering assistance for an agreed period of time or when the need arises. This means that an engineer from Autegra will be physically present in your company and be part of your project team or development department.

There are several good reasons to use our services on site:

• We can cover an urgent shortage for professional staff at a critical time of project development,

• We can provide you with skills and knowledge that you or your employees do not currently possess,

• We can offer an idea based on our knowledge and skills.

Our engineers are accustomed to working on various projects for a wide range of clients. Our field engineer is effective from day one, quickly becomes familiar with the systems and solves the tasks he is in charge of. You will have an engineer who is motivated and dedicated, which often leads to the improvement of an already established development department or team. Our engineers treat all information confidentially and make sure that all newly acquired knowledge is transferred at the beginning or end of the rental period.

As a client, it is possible to choose long-term cooperation with us, where we provide the optimal amount of suitable engineers for your business. These engineers will be well versed in the relevant products, methods and work needs, and are able to fully dedicate themselves as if they were a permanent member of your engineering staff.

Network and virtual systems

Our system and network infrastructure solutions help you connect and ensure the availability of critical IT / OT applications. With innovative technology partners, Autegra offers solutions for servers, virtualization, disaster recovery, industrial computers, thin clients and industrial networking. Our solutions for systems and network infrastructure perfectly complement our proven experience with HMI / SCADA and automation, as well as production and information systems.

  • Servers, virtualization and disaster recovery
    When upgrading or building a brand new IT / OT infrastructure, our solutions will help you build a solid foundation. We can help you make the most out of proven technology such as virtualization and fail-safe servers, as well as prepare a disaster recovery strategy to ensure maximum availability for your operations.

  • Industrial computers and thin clients
    The technology of industrial and virtual computers and thin clients takes over the production facilities and control room of the plant. Our thin client infrastructure solutions introduce benefits such as centralized management and configuration, improved reliability, reduced maintenance, simplified mobility, enhanced security, and our experts help you choose the right industrial PC and thin client hardware to meet your application requirements.


Every modern business needs to think about cyber security and find new ways to prepare their organisation and their customers for cyber risks. In industrial automation sector, Autegra helps businesses improve their cyber preparedness and develop efficient solutions for dealing with cyber risks.

Trying to uphold the Industry 4.0 norms, products used for the digitization and modernisation in manufacturing are becoming smater and more interconnected. The result of it is, they also become more vulnerable to cyberthreats. Network segmentation and firewalls for these components are no longer a sufficient means to address cyberthreats. Challenges from cyberthreats in control infrastructure security can cause unplanned downtime, loss of data, harm of assets, health risks and reputational damage.

We at Autegra find the best solutions from ensuring the security of consumer products to protecting critical infrastructure. We can help you mitigate risk and enable compliance through Cyber Security Assessments that deliver actionable results.

From using Industrial Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as a simple and cost effective way to keep your OT environments secure to implementing Identity Defined Networking (IDN), a solution based on cryptographic identifies to boost your critical network infrastructure across local or shared networks for unparalleled secure networking, experts from Autegra can help you develop the solution that best meets your needs.

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