Energy management / OEE

Energy monitoring

Monitoring electricity consumption can be of great importance. In addition to increasing costs, increased electricity consumption may indicate malfunctions within the system. In addition to fault detection, the control of electricity consumption is a key segment in preventive maintenance where, due to a certain change in electricity consumption, the wear of machine components (eg bearings) can be detected. Preventive maintenance of this type can prevent breakdowns, unexpected financial losses or the occurrence of any form of damage.

We offer the installation of equipment for measuring electricity consumption and the creation of customized software solutions. Our equipment and software offer you insight into a detailed display of energy consumption by individual device and part of the system according to your requirements. You can access the visualization in real time at any time and you have the option of saving the data for subsequent analysis.

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Energy management

In addition to monitoring electricity consumption within the system, smart consumption management is also an important segment. Using the collected data, our team will analyze and optimize electricity consumption for you in detail.

A detailed plan for the inclusion of each segment of the system achieves greater efficiency, and thus the profitability of the system. System optimization can be further improved by modernization. The main modernization techniques that improve energy efficiency are the implementation of modern elements that require less electricity to perform work in an identical or even better way and the installation of a smart management system.

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Overall Equipment Efficiency - OEE

Overall Equipment Effectiveness, or OEE for short, is a measure for showing the efficiency of a system, machine or device in relation to the full potential of production. The overall efficiency is divided into three separate components: availability (the time frame in which the system is able to work), performance (the speed of the system’s operation) and quality (the production of correctly made pieces).

In order for your equipment to reach maximum efficiency, and therefore profitability, contact us. Based on measurements with the most modern equipment and expert data analysis and adequate calculations, we can improve the efficiency of your system or machine.

One of the main ways to increase the efficiency of old machines and systems is modernization, which our experienced team of experts can perform for you.

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