Software developed by Autegra enables industrial and manufacturing companies to achieve a higher level of automation, security and efficiency. Our highly skilled engineers work as a synergy team, and with expertise in control system design, simulation, robotics, software and programming, provide businesses with world-class turnkey solutions.


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PLC / HMI / SCADA / DCS automation solutions
for the process industry

Take advantage of our experience in the process of making complete systems or extensions and / or upgrades to existing systems. In addition to conventional PLC programming technology according to the IEC 61131-3 standard for the process and manufacturing industries – which may include an integrated SCADA solution – we are also focused on Process Management Systems (DCS), Batch and Safety Management Systems. We specialize in integrating individual customer needs with efficient and appropriate technology platforms.

Which program will be right for you will depend on your specifications or will be determined based on a detailed analysis and conceptual assessment of your needs. To find the best solution for your management and automation tasks, our software experts provide vendor-independent consulting. With years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we have the knowledge of specification, performance, application and qualification in accordance with GxP- and GAMP5 standards.

While proud of our understanding of the control system, we believe that learning about each customer’s business model and business carries equal importance. Our engineers work in collaboration with our customers to fully understand their needs in order to create a unique quality system. At Autegra we do not specialize in generic solutions. We are here to design world-class systems that improve operational and manufacturing processes for years to come.

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PLC / HMI software solutions
for your industrial device

The development of PLC software for modern machine tools is becoming increasingly difficult due to the increasing functionality and resulting complexity. One approach to this problem is to develop model-based software and simulation-aided verification of control software. However, this innovative development method also requires a process tailored to the specific application domain and appropriate modeling techniques.

Autegra provides you with the right software for your machine or device, whether it is a brand new machine or an upgrade to an existing one (where we also offer you modernization of control equipment). The programming platform is chosen on the basis of the agreed PLC device or depending on the existing one in case of modernization.

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Industrial robotics

Industrial robots are an indispensable element in modern production. The replacement of simple and difficult physical jobs by robots is no longer science fiction, but an industrial reality, both in the world and in our country. Industrial robots enable faster and more precise performance of demanding operations in production. The use of robots doubles efficiency and thus saves valuable time and resources. Robots can be used for a number of actions, from transport, moving products (Pick&Place), to more demanding tasks such as precise welding or handling in difficult conditions (high temperatures in metallurgy, toxic environment in the chemical industry). It is also possible to connect the robot to an existing HMI or SCADA system.

Contact us, and our team will plan and implement the complete robotization process of your plant. Autegra offers the procurement of the necessary equipment and programming of your robot.

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MES systems and data processing

We understand that in typical manufacturing and industrial environments, data collection and data integration can become challenging because this information usually exists in multiple different systems or locations. With our strategic integration partners, Autegra delivers production and information systems to organize and unlock valuable information hidden in your data. 

Autegra can help you simplify this process and provide relevant information at any time to harness the power of your information.

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3D modeling is a technique of creating a technical three-dimensional representation of an object. The created 3D models can later be 3D printed or used digitally. 

We offer a 3D modeling service according to your plans or sketches. We open the door for you to create 3D models of already existing objects by reverse engineering, which enables subsequent replication of the element by 3D printing.

We can realize various ideas, from conceptual solutions to modeling complex elements and constructions. We fulfill requests from numerous branches of activity: sheet metal bending, creation of simple and complex 3D models, creation of moving mechanisms, creation of assembled structures, calculation of the mass of the element after creation and the like.

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AUTEGRA | Software Engineering PLC/HMI /SCADA

The life cycle of an automation system

Designing and commissioning of automation system is a complex process that takes several steps, which, depending on the complexity of the project itself, can last from several months to several years. Although the project will go through a lot of stations, from the first plan and specification and the first contractor inquiry to the last testing and qualification, with us it will be a pleasant journey, dedicated to the project and done in the shortest possible time because serious tasks should be entrusted to proven partners.

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Initial information gathering phase

AUTEGRA | Software Engineering PLC/HMI /SCADA

This is the first phase when you consult with us for project development. During this initial phase, we hold several meetings to find out all your needs. This is an opportunity for our experts to learn what your specifications are, what goals you plan to achieve as a result of this project, who will use it and why and how you want the product to work. That way, we can find out if we can be a “good match” for each other for implementation of the project.

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Once the requirements are known, we can begin analyzing them to build a strong foundation for the product. Therefore, the second phase is probably the most important phase of the whole process. We need a careful analysis in order to satisfy all the needs of your project.

Before we go to the next step, all your requests must be documented and approved by both parties. This is done through the User Requirements Specification (URS) document on which the project development will be based. That way you can be sure that there will be no misunderstanding.

AUTEGRA | Software Engineering PLC/HMI /SCADA


Requirement analysis and planning

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Technical design

AUTEGRA | Software Engineering PLC/HMI /SCADA

Once we have defined what the end result of the project is, we need to decide how it will be done. Each solution (software or hardware) requires a different approach, so the third phase is dedicated to designing the architecture of your system. Based on the URS document, the internal design of all product modules is done. The most important parameters to consider are budget and time constraints, design modularity and risk assessment.

During this phase, external design can also be made, as far as software is concerned. Depending on the complexity of your order, it may be easier for your business to understand how the solution will work if we provide you with interfaces and a future visualization look.

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This phase is definitely the longest, as the actual product is finally being built. Designers begin designing / programming your solution, carefully following the requirements specification document (URS), as well as internal design instructions. If the previous stages were done with due care, development should proceed without further problems.
Depending on the product development model, each development team approaches this stage from a different angle and therefore iterative meetings are held during which each team member reports on any problems and progress in their tasks. This approach improves their workflow and productivity.

AUTEGRA | Software Engineering PLC/HMI /SCADA


Development and implementation




AUTEGRA | Software Engineering PLC/HMI /SCADA

During this phase, test engineers perform various types of functional and non-functional tests, either manually or automatically. The tests are most commonly divided into :

  • Installation Qualification Test (IQ Test) which certifies that all aspects of the plant and equipment that affect the quality of the product adhere to the approved design specifications and that the equipment is delivered, properly installed and configured
  • Operational Qualification Test (OQ Test), which tests each operational component of an equipment, which may include simple tests (eg sending power to the unit and opening / closing various ports and valves) and more complicated tests (eg a leak test, blocking actuator operation, single-phase operation or single batch recipe operation).


After successful testing, your design solution is ready for handover. However, the project as such is not yet complete. This is the time when your actual users become familiar with the system and many unexpected problems may arise during this time. Depending on their priority level, they can be repaired immedieately or collected and improved later, depending on your options and approvals.

Maintenance is a great advantage of custom solutions, because we take care of your system not only during the development process, but also after the first official work. This ensures the smooth operation of your product.

AUTEGRA | Software Engineering PLC/HMI /SCADA


Handover and maintenance

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